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i hate Mott. So, we were supposed to have our show advertized (with pics) on the school monitors 2 WEEKS AGO! literally, info was turned in and approved. Last week I told Lori that it wasn't up and so she called them, they said they would get it up.. well today it still wasn't up on the monitors. So, I told her again, and she went to marketing office. Well, the person who was in charge of uploading us to the TV screens didn't post it. He is a conservative Catholic and wasn't comfortable with it. OMG, its not his job to decide what gets up there, he is supposed to just put it up there because the school has already approved it. GRR so annoying. And the man who is showing us the tech work is an ass. He was like 'I can't believe that audio/visual let you use this radio'. THATS THEIR JOB! they loan out equipment to teachers/groups. He was a complete dick both times i had to talk to him today. It's like shut up and just show me what i need to know. he thinks women are inferior, just the way he was talking to us like we were dumb as rocks.
Speedway called me and was like we need you to work tomorrow night. NO NO NO! I work 7am-3pm already, I have to be to MCC at 3:30pm the show is at 7pm but gotta be setting up before then. And show is scheduled til 9pm. We have to clean up afterward. She wants me to work at 9pm. Hell no. It's not gonna happen. Then she says ' i guess he will have to do it by himself'. I guess that he will. OMG, I am not the only person trained to do that fucking job. More than once I have done EBY til 2 am and been back in the am to work. Why can't someone else do it? I knew this was gonna happen because the person scheduled to work that shift told me that she wanted me to do it .. she doesnt like being up late. fuck this job

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