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you wont believe this..

but i have been a bad girl tonight. here is how the last day went.
~ went to tristia's after gettin lost 500 times.. met the parents, saw her room (messy)
~ went to GSA movie night good movie
~ took tristia home/bought her beer
~ home, relax, p & d, sleepy time
~work FUN TIMES i was happy
~ went to piercing place to ask questions
~ home, bathed, hung out w/tristia
~ went back to place P got pierced..
~ i got pierced
~ tristia got pierced
~ good beans, saw alpheus, caid, trish, jo ann but no one for too long.. they all left when i arrived.
~ colonial.. dinner, conversation
~ talked, she sang, cuteness... jewelry fell out
~ 11pm back to piercing place to get it put back in
~ "YOU!" the piercer says. "hope you learned a lesson"
~currently at the girls house

heh.. so that was my day in a nutshell.. one of those things you know. i cant believe i got pierced again, i never thought i would pierce any other body parts besides my tongue. i was nervous but it doesnt hurt. i had a really awesome day today. everything went the way that i wanted it to, mostly. I was happy and it was all good stuff. it was a cute and cuddly day. and i had a really nice massage earlier. i want more of those!
happy times to all of you.
*psst stacey, if u read this, call me*

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