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My Love Story

About 3 years ago I met Tristia. R and I had an Easter party and T was invited to come because she was dating J, who was R's friend. We didn't really become friends because T was shy. We talked off and on whenever we were with mutual friends but that was all. R and I started having problems in Sep of 2003 and were considering dating other people though we still lived together. We had some sort of get together around this time and Tristia came. She was no longer dating J and I was technically on the market. I told J that I thought Tris was cute and I believe Tris told J the same about me. I remember sitting in my living room floor talking to Tris about what we had both told J and I asked for her phone number. From here things got a little crazy. R and I moved apart but were still dating and I was also talking to Tris every night. R knew that I was talking to Tris but maybe she didn't know exactly what was developing. Eventually it came to me having to pick one or the other. R said she wouldn't continue to be in my life if I was dating Tris.. which i wasn't. We talked a lot but we never so much as went on a date or anything like that. I cut our growing relationship off completely. I sent Tris an email explaining that I loved R and I wanted to make it work. I said I wanted to remain friends if possible but I couldn't risk losing R when I wasn't even sure if there was anything there with Tris. So, Tristia and I stopped talking all together for a long time. Somehow we became friends again. She hung out with us at the bar and everyone was sort of okay. It was a constant problem with me and R. She would get mad and tell me to just go be with Tristia that she could make me happy, etc etc. We had a lot of relationship issues. Tris was just a good friend, though. We hadn't even discussed anything about past feelings since we started being pals again.
After R and I broke up things were really crazy for me. i hadn't really expected though I should have seen it coming. The day that we broke up she told me that we should date other people.. me date Tris.. she was sure that would make me happy. i fought this idea furiously. Of course, no one could make me as happy as R did, I was thinking. I thought it unfair for her to tell me that someone else could make me happy. i wanted her to make me happy.. After much ado, much drama, tris and I started hanging out. I was having a really bad day this one time and she came to my apartment with a slurpee (always makes me feel better) and stayed there talking to me for hours about everything. I recall just wanting to kiss her but I knew it was too soon and she didnt like me so bla bla bla.
We went to this park in Davison one night with everyone.. J, R, her new love, Kyle, and the old neighbors. It was crazy. I was having a hard time seeing R there with her new GF.. I was being a big bitch. Tris and I walked up onto this bridge thing together and we were talking and I asked her if I could kiss her. WOAH! she said yes. So, it was adorable and the beginning of all sorts of things. (if you go back to March 2004 LJ's you will see) After we left the park she came back to my house and we got to know eachother better.. for lack of better words. We started dating then I would presume but also she made it clear that she wanted nothing serious. we were just dating not girlfriends or anything. After about a month of this I was aware that I was really having feelings for her and I wanted her to be my girl. I emailed her explaining all of my feelings and she told me she would try it out. Her biggest fear was of hurting me by being bored or whatnot. she hadn't any any really serious long relationships (she was only 18 then). I convinced her this was gonna be fun if nothing else.
We have grown into something so amazing. I never expected to feel so loved and spoiled rotten. This is the sort of relationship that everyone wishes they had. I had a teacher in highschool who said that she and her husband never fought. Of course no one believes that until now. Tristia and I have yet to have a fight that has made us so mad that we couldnt speak to one another or so serious that we slept apart. I know that R and I would fight and not even be able to talk for days. There is always a way to work things out. We dont have the dramatic fighting and sexual frustrations that I have had in the past. I learned a lot from my mistakes with R. i learned a lot about being considerate and putting your SO first sometimes. I have experienced the best kind of love that I ever will. I am confident that this relationship will only continue to get better. I mean, we put our feelings on hold for 8 months until we were sure that we wanted to even go forth. If we can make it through the waiting period, I think that we can do anything. I want to marry this girl one day in a big southern wedding. We will have a ceremony here, too, we have decided. Tristia is the person I want to love for always.

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