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smiles at my audience

ha, more drama than a broadway musical.. isnt that what you said? heh. i like that! so apparently there is an audience watching me make a fool of myself. im actually amused truly. i had a drink or more and said something to someone and i cant remember if what i said was a fact or something i was saying to be funny. lol. and now i have to stand by my statement or look like an ass. its amusing to me b/c of the situation. i dont really care about the 2 queer wanna be's involved most in it.
i came to dee's after work this morning and slept here and talked. im really tired. the gas pumps shut off at 5:30am and we had no gas. imagine that. gas pumps that have NO gas.. lol it was really sucky and customers were not happy at all. and i saw mice in the store and it was creepy. it was a long ass night so slow and boring.
queer as folk/L word tonight. dont forget to watch!! alright im out on this
* i bought the celine dion CD yesterday it was on sale at borders. i also bought the other something corporate and fiona apple* saw jen CUNTRAG!

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