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Just got back from club triangle.. woohoo. Fun folks were there including the usual TGMI crew, Chris, Dee, Erin, Melissa, Ben, and a million random people. It was good times to see everyone and talk to them. I actually had conversation with almost everyone, not the usual Hi lets dance sort of bar night.
I worked today after watching the movie Troy. At about 10:30 I realized that there was no one to come into work for 3rd shift. I started calling coworkers because of course I was the only one working at the time. Our manager was like find someone and let me know. Eventually someone called me back and came in at 11pm. So, I had hoped to be out a lil early but ended up out late because of it. That really sucked but oh well. We gots to go to da bar and that's whats cool about it.
Work seems to succumb all of my time. except for this week. I have 20 hours this week.. the least about of anyone who works there. Dammit! There isn't really a good reason for it either. Simply, my hours got marked off and given to various other coworkers. Of couse that makes me sad. Everyone has 30+ but i. Not too happy. More time to clean and do housewifey things. Aight, I am out. FOR REAL

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