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new friends?

Ready for some fireworks? Good, because there's a whole bunch on the way. Today's eclipse will urge you to make some changes with regard to your goals for the future, which certainly could mean that you'll feel the need to begin associating with a whole new peer group. If that's the case, try to ease away from your current crew gently -- or offer to take them along.\
What an odd horoscope for me right now. Today I have had several discussions abotu my future and my plans. heh. But i didnt realize this would effect my comrades. ugh. i am so bored. this damn snow just keeps coming down and I dont drive in it. I dont drive period right now. I am not driving my car because i am convinced that it is about to die.. no shit. It tries to stall every time that i slow down. It kicks really hard when I accelerate.. I think its the transmission or something but i dunno. I think thats really expensive. Sometimes i feel like the dumbest girl because of car shit. Anyway, tris and i are using her car until I sell mine.. hopefully Wednesday. this guy is gonna give me $1200 for it.. so yea. its a piece of shit to me. I want something smaller anyhow. Time for the boat to go byebye. :) YAY! then maybe something lil like CJ's car. (wink wink) if the weather got better maybe I would consider it.
I have been taking this HREL class that is really neat. Sort of boring at times but overall its good i think. It has inspired me to tell more of my stories.. we are our stories, right. Without them, who are we? our stories is how people get to know us and understand our experience. So, I will develop a new journal that will just be experiences so that those who are interested can learn a little more about things that have happened to me and things that helped me be who I am today. It will be somewhat structured but I am sure I will get off topic, I usually do sometimes.
aight... off to do that.

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