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Best Friend: Kelly Roden
Real Kiss: Brandon Gowan/Brandi Harrison
Self-purchased Album: Lisa Loeb
Pet: chow named Chopper
Real Love: Roxanne
Music you remember hearing in your house: NKOTB

Kiss: T this morning
Movie Seen: Ladder 49
Beverage drank: apple juice
Food consumed: chicken sandwich
Present Crush: Tom Follary
Last crush: ahh. can't say
Last Phone Call: Marci preaching at me
Last Shoes Worn: Sketcher boots
Last Item Bought: groceries

Who are your very best friends? Tune-Copelands, Sara, Megan
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? hell yea. Tristia

Do you do drugs? not anymore
What kind of shampoo do you use? Squeaky Clean
What are you most scared of? rape/spiders
What are you listening to right now? Renegades of Funk
Where do you want to get married? in my old church in whitesboro, AL
How many buddies are online right now? none
What one thing would you change about yourself? giving a shit about what other folks say about me

Color: Green
Food: banana popscicles
Boys' names: Sabastian
Girls' names: Faery
Subjects: Human Relations courses
Perfume: Curve cologne: For Him

Taken a bath with someone: yes
Skinny dipped: yes
Lied: hehe. sure.
Fallen for your best friend: i wouldnt call it that.
Been rejected: by a girl, nope.
Rejected someone: yes
Used someone: recently? yep
Done something you regret: I can't think of anything right now

Clothing: black Old Navy pajama pants
Music: Listening to MusicMatch
Annoyance: fake people
Smell: Tristia's body wash
DVD in player: Troy

Hugged: Tristia
IMed: Alicia L

Open-minded: definitely
Arrogant: when i need to be
Interesting: to myself? no.
Moody: sure
Organized: more than i should be
Hardworking: yes
Healthy: as i can be
Attractive: how conceited is it to say yes
Bored: by cartoons
Responsible: mostly
Obsessed: w/sex
Sad: when i think about my family
Disappointed: in some things yes
Hyper: never
Trusting: too much. I gotta learn to watch out for liers
Talkative: YES
Who do you wanna look like? myself
All I need is: cuddles and kisses
Last person you danced with: Dee
Who makes you laugh? Patrick
Who makes you smile? CJ and Carrie
Who gives you a funny feeling when you see them? t
Of times I have had my heart broken: 2
Of hearts I have broken: 1
Of people I've kissed: I will be here all day counting.. 11 i think.
Of CDs I own: uh..

Chose between...

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School or work?school
Christmas or birthday?Birthday
Peanut Butter M&MS,Regular M&Ms, or Peanut M&MS?peanut butter mms
Dozen Roses or 3 boxes of chochlate?roses
Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts?julia
Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?brad pitt
Vanilla Pepsi or Vanilla coke?vanilla coke
American Eagle or Abercromie and Fitch?american eagle
Driving or flying?driving
Roller skating or ice skating?ice skating
Apples or oranges?oranges
Paris, France or Florence, Italy?florence, italy
Punk'D or The Newlyweds?Punk'd
Jay Leno or David Letterman?Leno
New York or LA?LA
AOL messenger or MSN messenger?AOL
Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt or J.LO/Ben Affleck?jennifer/brad
Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger?Tommy
leaf raking or snow shoveling?leaf raking
black pen or blue pen?blue pen
WalMart or Target?walmart
picnic under the stars or horse carriage in the park?horse carriage
chochlate chip cookies or peanut butter cookies?peanut butter
Kobe Bryant or Shaq?Shaq
basketball, baseball, or football?baseball
Hiliary Duff (Lizzie Mcguire) Or Lindsey Logan(Freaky Friday)?lindsey lohan
French fries,curly fries, or tator tots?tator tots
Ben Affleck or Matt Damon?matt damon
Phoebe, Monica, or Rachel(off of FRIENDS)?phoebe

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