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I finished the 3rd book this morning. It only took me a cumulative 4 hours to read it!! YAY! I bought the rest of the series last night when I went to Borders. So,I have 2 more to go and then TADA! all dones. I get sucked into books so easily its nuts. Last night we went to Angelos with CJ and Carrie. OMG, worst experience ever.. they had no onion rings, cheese sauce, chili, hot fudge, ketchup, comment cards, ranch dressing, or manners. They microwaved my coney. UGH! and the waitress took all day to bring us ONE refill in the hour and a half that we were there. CJ didnt get a spoon for a good 30 minutes. The whole things was dumb. AND THEY CHARGED US WRONG! so yea, it made me sad. I am officially going to look for another place to be our hangout. CJ suggested this place called Tom's across from Baker. So, maybe that will be the new cool place. I was so sad. I really wanted chili cheese fries but I couldnt have them. I cry. The waitress actually was so rude as to turn away from us when taking our order. Walked away from us in the middle of us telling her what we wanted to go answer a question from the other waitress. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I'd get fired for less. anywho, thats my story.
Tris has a really rude teacher who was really offensive when addressing LGBT issues in class. So, I wrote to my professor/counselor about it and asked what sort of education these teachers are given regarding the LGBT chapter in the book. He says none basically because the teachers have academic freedom and can choose to not even cover the topic. So blah. He suggests that I not do anything about it either. How can I not? I am supposed to be advocating for the students at MCC and he expects me to just let a teacher present information in an incorrect way and teach her students incorrect 'facts'. I think not. He suggests that we get together all sorts of information and hold an inservice at the beginning of fall semester. That is 2 semesters of classes that will have this woman and potentially other professors who dont know what they are talking about. So, I am deciding to take a stance against this and get the information together that I need and present it to ALL the teachers who teach this class. There is NO EXCUSE for ignorance, sorry. Just because you have a degree doesnt mean that you can make up information. Students expect their teachers to know what they are talking about and be able to discuss matters intelligently and using the proper terms. off of the soap box now..

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