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songs in my head

I have heard that damn celine dion song like everyday. what kind of sign is this? grrowls at the crowd.
Monday morning:
7:30am ate strawberry filled waffels that were gross
8:30am left for school.. noticed someone broke out the window of my car. i was not happy
9:15am late for my computer final
11:00am went to mall with caid
we had so much fun it was awesome!
2:30pm supposed to be at GSA oops
3:10pm got to GSA.. lol.. hyper out of control.
4:00pm-7:30pm worked.. crazyness.. cooler is like 45 degrees.. let me tell u when things get cold.. its tingly
8:00pm went to walmart, powerout, went to kmart.. acted like fools.. got icecream at this place on corunna road. saw alexis there. it was fun
then went home, attempted to watch Kill Bill we fell asleep
12:00am finally got into the bed.. she was talking funny.. i couldnt sleep
5:50am woke up, elbowed in my mouth..
6:30am left for work, went to MCDONALDS! yay, for mcgriddles.
3:00pm went to get window fixed, guy was screwing some customer over so they was fighting and me and dee were like what the fuck
6:00pm dyed my hair, not really liking it.. got a call that made me smile. lol.

so that is what i have been up to. nothing to interesting. i havent slept 10 hours in the last 3 days. I have had a really hyper active coulple of days. everything is funny to me lately. lol. im super tired and i have to sleep and study for my psychology final tomorrow. if someone didnt take up so much of my time. hah. anyway. im out. dee made us dinner.

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