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We really accomplished some things today. We bought her books, which we now have to sell one of them back b/c she didnt realize that she was taking a class in Then we tried to find her something else but the site is so overworked right now that you can't do anything on it basically. We talked to Charter Oaks. We turned in our application and things to Sunset Village and we should know in 2 days tops what the verdict is. I think that we will get approved and hopefully be able to move ASAP. I also find out about the new job tomorrow. yay's for that. We went over to Matt's house while we were at Sunset. It was so nice to chill out. We sat and chit chatted about all sorts of good stuff. It made me happy. I miss old friends. Alright, we were going to sleep.. we put in a movie to help us.. but now i cant sleep. So i got up to play until I am absolutely exhausted.I have a long day tomorrow. I work 6-2 and then i have class from 3-9 so yea, long long day. BLAH!

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