BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

so we gave our moving out notice to Charter Oaks and Sunset should be calling us tomorrow about a suggested move in date. So that we know exactly what we are working with. OMG, we need lots of money like right now. Moving costs right now will be totalling about $800 roughly... if not more. but at least we are getting out of this bitch.
T was invited into the Honors Program at Mott. How cool is that? Very nice. I finally did something I was supposed to do 2 months ago. that made me really proud of myself. just wasted most of my day cleanin up a bit. now off to make dinner.
i start the YW on monday. I have NO days off until maybe next Thurs.. who knows. Just know that i have so much to do and no freakin time. but i am excited about starting something new. I will get my car fixed in the next few days, EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. I have like NO MONEY but darn it I am going to make this work. I have to have a car, we can't go on using just hers. Especially once I start the YWCA. Our shifts will really be different then.
ugh, i dont want to think about it
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