BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

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I should be a millionaire

as much freakin money as i need right now, i ought to be a millionaire. I just got home from the Transmission place.. 'Your transmission is mushy, but its changing gears. You should replace it soon for like $500, or once its blown thats about $1000. Oh, and whomever did your breaks missed a step. They make the end of the car swing when you stop. My real problem with the vibration is that my tires are weird. They aren't being worn on the center where they should, they ride on the side. So that's the big problem." yea, because I have a million buckeroos right here. So, the fucking car is going to sit here and I am going to sell it as is.. AS A PIECE OF SHIT! ah, at least i have good friends. Dee is going to take me to work. T will have to come get me. I won't drive this dead ass car anywhere. if anyone wants a piece of shit, its yours.
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