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i wasnt very silent today. as the designated speaker person i was allowed to talk to all the idiots that came to the table asking dumb questions. eh.. its all good. and class sucked and my teacher was dumb. then t came up to mott and we left and went to the apartment and watched 'Thirteen'. that was a freakin awesome movie. i want everyone who has ever had a friend on drugs or lost a friendship b/c of drugs to rent it. It was so great and it reminded me of highschool and people i used to know and fun times i used to think i was having. i thought i was so grown when i was in high school. i thought that all of my friends would be friends for life. now i know differently. i was not very grown and most of those friends are completely non existent. anyway.... rent it and you will get it. i swear.
speaking of friends.. reunion time!! last night i talked to megan for a long period of time. it was good. i like that no matter how much time passes by we always pick right up like no time past at all. it was good. she wants to come up here for a minute. that would be good for me. i also talked to samantha for like an hour or more. until we were both falling asleep. we talked about so much stuff and it was awesome. we are alike still..and i had so much to fill her in on. but it was good. and i relate to most of what she was talking to me about. and i told her about things that happen to me lately and about the day of silence and about why gay people are afraid of shit. it was interesting and we never talk about things b/c i dont know how she feels about that. but we talked uneditted and it was great. i really miss her.. so my verdict is i dont think that i am going to go back to school, i think that i am going to go to alabama for a while. i miss those guys and i miss my family. i really need to see them and get hugs and bond with them. you know? i need that. so im gonna take a break sometime in the next little while.
and yea hung with t, cj, and carrie today.. it was really good times. i had too much fun, i guess. i love talking to cj and carrie, they make me feel normal. even when im feeling bitchy and insecure they make things seem a little more okay and not worth being fucked up about you know. eh.. thats what friends are for. i love my friends.
ps. i hope that ur feelings okay today.. or whenever u read this.

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