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training was blah. I have to give P all the information. There will be a lot of changes around the cafe b/c we do a lot of UNHEALTHY things. So yea. I am really sick. It's been coming for a few days. I dont know if I have allergies or what. I feel like blah. While I was at the thing earlier T bought me all sorts of meds to help me get better. I can't breathe, I keep being nausous, I am flemmy, my throat hurts, and i have this bad chest cough. AHH! So, P didnt make me work. He had already scheduled someone to work with me so it wasnt like OMG who is going to work. I have been loungy. Now its off to class though. We have a test or I would be SLEEPING. My eyes are so stuffy that they keep watering. talk about no funs. then tonight we gotta do this project for class on Monday. If we dont do it now then we probably wont do it and we dont really have time any other day before them. I didnt get any donations for the benefit/auction. I am really pissed at myself for letting people hold me off or say no. GRR. Anyway, I really have to go so that I can study.
yes.. broke but happy.. thats what matters
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