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more mornings!

I think I am getting used to this early morning routine though I can't say that I enjoy it that much. i am still sick today. My eyes just dont know what to do. They are so pressured and won't stop watering. I am taking Airborne, Tylenol Severe Cold, DayQuil (rotating those 2) and using these breathing strips so I dont suffocate myself. The cough is a little less painful but still frequent. I really dont want to work this morning. I am draggin ass, just like yesterday. I have to work at the store today so that means NO BREAKS and NO time to relax. I hate that. I know I will be whipped 9 hours from now. I got the ads I am going to use for my next paper/project in class. At least I got started on that. J came over last night for a little while and it was really funny. She has good stories. I think she might come to the TGMI benefit with us on Sunday. Wouldn't that just be awesome?! New people to get involved and experience good music. Ok, i guess I will go now.
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