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I am going to the DR tomorrow if I dont feel any better in the morning. My head is going to explode. I feel like I am going to die. My eyes are killing me and wont stop watering. I cant breathe and I keep being all crylike. I hate feeling so shitty. Its like this constant headache that wont go away. No matter what side I lay on, that side gets more painful. I am watching the buffy marathon with T. Her friend finally let her borrow the five million other series so she can watch them all. Our lives are this boring. My manager at the store told us that if we dont volunteer to clean UNPAID that she will not consider our requests for days off. I think that it is really shitty that she can sort of force us to work off the clock if we want to get days off. BLAH. I dont have time to go in there and clean for the inspection. Between that job and the Y and school I dont have any other time left. How does she expect all of us to be able to come in. It really isnt worth the gas for me to go all the way across town for NOTHING. It's not like I am getting any benefits if I clean. Fuck that. Only one person signed up for this cleaning mission. Our store already looks fabulous, so I am unsure about what else we would be doing. I cant worry right now. I have to concentrate on getting better and moving. we have like 5 boxes packed lol. The house is a mess and we arent even ready to move out. sucks to be us.

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