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the show will go on.i work most days at speedway. i am hoping to pick up some shifts at the YWCA possibly since i havent been able to work there in a week. sadness. It's so hot here in case no one noticed. its not just hot but muggy and humid from the random rain storms. i hate being sweaty. there is nothing worse than being yucky feeling. i dont even want to be touched.
i am going to HAVE TO get the car fixed. i am going to start driving it again as of tomorrow. maybe this week i can grow some money in the court yard and afford to get it the tires aligned. then maybe i can work on the brakes after that. as long as i can go straight, i think i'm alright. lol. tristia and i work such different shifts that its impossible to continue on this adventure of using one car and i sort of miss being in my own car.
speaking of cars.. on sunday her car died on 75 and then yesterday some guy rear-ended me in her dad's car. yea, we were pulling into sunset village (left turn) and we were stopped for a few minutes because of traffic and a bicycling kid. then bump. yep, we were hit. so, of course, i was thinking, lets be responsible and pull over so that we can discuss this. i pull into the parking area on my right so that we arent in traffic's way. what does this fucker do? paused to decide what i was doing, and then drives off.. oh it gets better!! the passenger WAVED AT US! we called 911 which took forever for her to get there and then fourty minutes for her to do the paperwork stuff. it was useless i'm sure. the only damage was scratched paint and a little dent. still, why drive off? i hate unresponsible drivers. at least we got the plate # (6 of the 7 digits) so that should help. AHHHH
researching changing my last name. this is gonna be exciting. i get to be in the newspaper and i have to have a court hearing. how strange this all seems really. i wonder if its really this difficult. the internet can be a scary place.

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