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class was cancelled but we didnt get the memo. i finally have the house CLEANED! except for our room, which is tristia's cleaning territory since most of the mess is hers/her stuff. So yay for that. i am happy to see it all come together, its about damn time. no more messiness. i went and got papers to get food assistance today. i wonder if this means i am officially poor? Hopefully we will be able to get some help, though, so that its not draining us when we grocery shop. it would help a lot. considering i have 3 debts to pay off right now. i really dont know how i am goin to do it, but i will.
friday was man of the month and precious won! it was awesome. she did a kickass job for her first show. i was totally impressed. our whole table was screaming for her and jen. goodtimes. there was drama, as there always is, which is sort of silly. it really makes me remember why telling the truth is always the best policy especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Honesty is the only way to go if you want to make anything work out. Also, i dont understand why people's friends are more involved in these issues than the people it directly effects. interesting. i want to understand people, really, i do. Saturday sara came over and that made me so happy. i havent seen her in so long. it was great to be able to just talk to her and hang out. yesterday travis and jessie came over and we watched D.E.B.S. and it was really cute. i expected it to be more.. i dont know.. but it was sort of on a pg-13 level for a gay movie. which is good but it was hyped up ot make you think it was awesome but not. I got 2 passes to go see a movie at wherever. i got them from 101.5 yay.
I have to put the TGMI evalutions together now, which i feel confused on. i have all but rachels and carries for herself. should be done in no time once it makes sense to me.
aight, i'm out

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