BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

after much ado

the ceremony will go on.. !! YAY For ME!
thanks so much to J for being there for Tris and talking to her. I really think that she would have been even more confused if she didnt have a friend to talk to when she was having these crisis's.
WOW! it has been the craziest week with so many new things happening in my life. I am working parttime at Speedway and full time at the YWCA. I am really excited about this because I hate speedway. My new scheduling will go into effect next week most likely. hooray. Tristia got coldfeet and we had a couple of bad days. After lots of talking and consultation she is sure of her feelings and what she wants. I am very glad that she made her mind up now. Sometimes i think that its other people who influence her way of thought. oh well. we will be good. I was really scared there for a while about if she wanted to be with me or if what i thought was her love for me was nothing but foolishness. THANK GODDESS things worked out for the better. I mean damn, i sent out all these invites. (by the way, please send the reply card back to me, i will scrapbook them and its a waste of a stamp if you dont mail it to me)
I really want to get my hair cut, maybe i can do it tomorrow. that would be nice. i have to make up a test in 15 minutes. i dont wanna!! So, all i have to do to change my name (said secretary of state) was bring in an official document saying why i want to change my name and my liscence and tada.. so, what constitutes an official document? where do i go from here..

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