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babysitters insomnia

LOL, watching Jordyn for a lil bit while Dee takes Precious home. She is sleeping, so im basically making sure she doesnt wake up and burn the house down. Gotta love 2 year olds.
I'm listening to this tape that Tristia made me today. She brought it up to work, how sweet was that?! LOL, P.I.M.P. is on right now.. how appropriate. That song always makes me think of her and the first time she did drag at the bar. She left a cute note under my door while i was sleeping last night. I dont know what to do with all this cuteness. I can't recall anyone that i was ever with being like this with me. Trying not to let it scare me too much.It is definitely new and exciting though. She knows how to be super romantic just with little things, and I like that. Its nice to be spoiled (haha) and treated special. Definitely been a while since I have felt like this around anyone.
I know that a lot of people don't think that this is a great idea, and well, everyone has an opinion on everything. I had my own doubts as you know. BUT the only way to know how its going to end is to risk it and see what happens. I just hope that all of my friends, and her friends, can be there and support the relationship that we are starting. Yes, i said relationship, Tristia and her relationship phobia. *smirks* We are giving this a chance because we want to and i want everyone else to be positive as well. :)
I called samantha tonight b/c i missed her and needed to share a happy moment. Well, in my happiness, i found out that she and josh officially ended there almost 4 year relationship last night. That is very sad and i feel empty for her. I know that they loved eachother very much and it sucks to lose the one that you thought you were going to be with. It takes time, but, one day she will be strong enough to move on. I also talked to megan on my way in to work.. She and Dustin broke up last night as well.. correction.. they are 'taking a break'. Well, whatever, they have been together over a year. So, that blows ass too. Everyone seems to have relationship drama. I'm here for you gals if you need anything.
Interesting news. I got another speeding ticket today. Lori's theory is that i got the first ticket as a warning to 'slow down' that I'm taking life too fast. Here is my scheduling of getting tickets
Feb: the day i got back from iowa got a parking ticket
March: driving back from giving roxanne all her shit back got a ticket
March: fought with roxanne at work, got parking ticket
April: start dating trista, get a speeding ticket.
Weird, maybe she has some truth that tickets are a sign of drama. I dont know. I was speeding today, and i knew it so whatever. I dont know where im gonna come up with the money to pay for them. I still have to pay the $277 one I go to court for it May 4. Ugh and now this one is $115. blah, i need to come into some money soon. Maybe we will get our STP (profit sharing) checks in the next few weeks. that would be nice.
Im moving in with the girls in may. since caid is losing his job and all is in the air, the sooner the better i suppose. It will be another exciting chapter of my life. anywho.. there is the blindmelon song on here that makes me happy. me and roshaunda used to listen to it, and i heard it the other day. weird, tristia likes good music. LOL who's have thought.

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