BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

friends in LOWER places

i hate stupid people and i hate crappy situations. i hate when things suck. today i got a lot of info about things i missed on Friday. It really hurts my feelings that so much went unsaid and some things i said/did were misinterpretted. I didnt try to exclude anyone. every statement i made was to the room(s) and not to individuals. All were invited because I love you all and wanted everyone to be there. I am sorry to my friends that our family wasn't trying to be friendly. I understand that comments were made that hurt our queer family. SO SORRY FOR THAT. I missed all of this while in my happy place with Tristia. (for once, I missed the drama) I had a great time and i wish that everyone else did too. Certain folks have been chastices for their inconciderate behavior that i didnt know was happening. I apologize for my 'friends' that don't know how to be respectful.
anyway.. 15 hour work day. so exhausted. i'm like READY for bed. so thats where I will go. Maybe we will cuddle. I miss her.

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