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is it so bad to be me? I ran across a journal entry of someone who said 'but i dont want to be like billi'. damn, i never realized I was someone to try to be different from.
I put in my notice at the gas station tonight. I am FED UP!!!! I got my schedule from the week and I am working the same shit I have this week and that is NOT acceptable I can't work doubles every day. my body can't take it. So, I wrote the new manager explaining that i can't work more than 20 hours and if he cant accomodate that then i resign as of saturday. so blah. it gets better, can you believe it. From 7-12 is stock for me and d. well, we were going along just fine. We have our lil system of who does what and then bam we are done. well, he decided to fuck off the last 30-40 minutes while i was finishing taking our trash out and shit like that. I was done with MORE THAN HALF of our work when he decided to come back in. The only thing left to be put up was cigarettes. He said i was helping him and I told him no. I had 10 minutes left on the clock and i wasnt staying over to cover his ass. he was not happy with this but whatever. i am not going to pick up his slack. we both would have been done if he hadnt been joking around outside with the guys. grr. and he told me its in my job discription to finish. our manager had told us that when we work with him to leave when we felt we had done our part. he always tries to drag it out. i dont have the time nor the patience for it though. when the job is done its done. so fuck him and the damn store. he is the assistant manager and doesnt do shit. He really hasnt been assisting any of us on anything. he told me that i have to work all of those shifts this coming schedule and i told him they can all kiss my ass. I wont do it and they can't make me work anything. so, they either work with me how it was arranged by our store manager before she went on leave or they dont have me at all. anyway, its bed time.

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