BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

didnt sleep like i wanted to. ryan woke me up at 10 b/c he thought i'd sleep all day if he didnt. we didnt do much today. we were going to go swimming but then it rained so i was like forget it. i talked to the new manager and he said that he can work with my schedule so i guess i will remain a faithful speedway employee. lets see how this works out. i tried to watch national treasure but i fell asleep. i need to catch up on like 20 hrs of sleep. lastnight i set up an account for me to send press releases from which made me happy though all that copy and pasting really sucks. At least i can get the word out there to more folks. Weird, someone from PFLAG got the message and then forwarded it to the PFLAG community but left out the contact information! why would you delete the who to contact about info part? HELLO! but whatever. i'm not sure if she did it so that people would respond and ask her about it or what. freak that. ok, off to bed again.
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