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in case ur wondering about my day

it was not very eventful. I wake up and remembered i have to finish (start) my COMG final. yea, so i let caid have the book a few days ago. after i hunted him down and we decided that i would do my work at Your Center with him overseeing me. It was good times and i finished my like 11am. It was due at 10:30 my paper said. i guess Mrs Doane had her twins b/c she wasnt even there when i went and some lesbo named Thigpen took my work for her. then i ran into kyle in the sunshine area and we sat on the benches and talked about girls and boys and friends. it was a very nice conversation really. i needed it today. and then i finished my psychology work. Went to class, the teacher didnt even call on me to present mine, so i didnt volunteer. i wonder if i will get a zero on the project. eh, then to my sisters house.. on the way roxanne and i passed eachother at davison and dort we were turning opposite ways and almost hit eachother. it scared the shit out of me to see her like that and i freaked. I was on the cell, of course, so that was interesting. anywho.. went to roshaunda's house and found out she had a 3some which made me wanna puke. so i left and went to tristia's. i messed up her pretty design of cards, so now she is probably gonna redo it all. sorry, i dont follow directions that well. her wall is gonna look cool when its all done, im sure she wont let me help again. haha. and then i left and went home. sara came over and we went shopping. heh. like i can afford to do that, i really cant but i did just b/c i wanted to get something in particular. they didnt have what i was looking for so im pissed. but i bought 2 books on astrology, weird b/c im not even really into this stuff. but it was amazing. true these things can be. i also got a long sucker like the one that adam got me. its cute.
and now i am gonna go to bed b/c i am super tired and i have to work at 9am. i need the beauty sleep.

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