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power outage downtown meant i didnt have to work at all. that was cool. tris and i finally watched Coach Carter so that we could return the movies today. Then off to Colonial with CJ and Carrie. It was fun times. I miss hanging out with peoples and gossiping and talking politics. lol. good times. If I can find the message someone left me on a personals site i will put it here. Apparently it is very entertaining to folks. I also came across some S/M journals lastnight that blew my mind away. It was so interesting to see someone tell about their life and the things they do and it be real. How open and honest!It's confusing and made me think a whole lot about different types of relationships and power structure. I love my relationship!! Now, off to bedtime so I can work tomorrow.. hoping power is on, I cant afford to lose any more hours. :( tears!
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