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friends in need.. friends indeed. so, if you want to talk, i am here. if you are having some kind of problem, i want to be there for you. Just so that you know that.. my friends. Several people who are really important to me are going through hard times right now and I want to reassure you that I got your back.. lol.. I am here if you need to talk or scream or cry or just sit with someone.
the tiredness is kicking in again. i'm so excited that i lived through this LONG fucking day. tomorrow is off day which is equivalent to do all the house cleaning shit that no one else who lives here does. I cant seem to get the cats to change their own litter or vaccuum. I dunno why. anyhow. tomorrow will be better. I have plans with Emily which make me SO happy. I think we might be going to Jessies openhouse but I dont really know. My woman isnt keeping me in the know.
holla holla.
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